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10:47pm 11/12/2005
  you're walking in the night - you walk alone
the shadows whisper your name...
a stranger beckons you, like none you've seen
you can't ignore his request as he whispers, "come to me..."

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01:19am 16/11/2005
  SEXLYcouch: Yeah totally... I think there are some extra pairs of pants and even a couple cds left... a reclining chair as well

Yeah she means her butt.

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I almost had you   
01:39pm 15/11/2005
  Busy Busy beehead.

Isn't race a risky subject?
It is amazing how many people shift glances and shuffle their feet and more their little behinds around when the topic is race.
It is amazing how politically correct people become.
It is amazing how the kids who made racial stereotype jokes that day, week, month, or year are all of a sudden racial peacekeepers.
It is amazing for a white person to think they were not born with white privilege when in fact they are wrong.
It is amazing to find an article like the one I read on white privilege.

I registered today for Spring 2006 classes.
Schedule as follows:
10:00 - Sociology - American Institutes
11:00 - Math - Concepts of Math
12:00 - NOTHING
1:00 - Computer Science - Spreadsheet Applications
2:00 - LEJA - Criminal Investigations

12:30 - ENG - Intro to Fiction

I touched on gen eds, both my minors, and my major all in one term. Woohoo.

title or description

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On hating the scene   
05:52am 05/11/2005
  I can't sleep so here is a thought

On hating the scene. Many people claim to hate the scene. Sure I hate scenesters and the Springfield scene kids blah blah blah. That is just an over generalization. I love live music. I love the thought of a group of people getting together to enjoy live music. I love branching out and socializing to live music. However, we have created a stereotype of a "scene" kid. Insert a ton of stereotype things you think a scene kid is or does. Why do people focus on hating the scene? I mean these are the kids who sit at Denny's all night and I see at shows all the time. Are these not the kids who say "I wish "so so so insert band name" would come to town" These kids also indulge in scene delights such as myspace and livejournal and whatever the fuck you kids are posting personal information on these days. (Personally I like facebook). Then they try and make these things as "unscene" as possible. Nobody gives a fuck how unscene you are ...nobody gives a fuck what kind of music you listen to ..nobody gives a fuck how hard you are trying to be unaccepted by the people you surround yourself with.

Treat the scene like a blanket. It is there. You neither hate or love the blanket. Sometimes you lay under it, sometimes on, and sometimes you don't lay with it at all. It is just there. It could be blue, pink, red, green ....it could be a combination of colors or have a fancy pattern on it. It is just there. It might be soft or rough. It is just there.
Point is nobody gives a fuck what kind of combination your blanket makes up. It is just a blanket get the fuck over it.

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So, it is looking pretty good   
03:42pm 02/11/2005
  One thing that makes me happy is I can listen to snoop dogg for hours.  

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09:48pm 31/10/2005
  Myspace kills.  

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01:39am 29/10/2005
  I'll be at Hobgob as a cop.

Oh yes, a cop.

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12:47am 24/10/2005
  Men fall in love with the women they are attracted to.
Women become more attracted to the men they love.

Besides that I love Steven Soderbergh.

I think livejournal and facebook are dead subjects.

I can't imagine becoming a dead subject.
While I may be a dead subject to you ..I know I am not.
I have a ton more to offer to myself.
Perhaps I will.

Oh yes, it is after midnight.
Happy birthday Kristin Carnes.
I may not be able to call today but I will have time I do believe on Tuesday.

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me and you and everything else to do   
01:21am 11/10/2005
  I don't think I would ever at all for any reason what-so-ever be able to date somebody who did the following things:
-drinks heavily
-lacks education
-lacks future goals and plans
-could not laugh at themselves
-overly competitive
-could not feel passionate about one thing even if it didn't effect them
-would not listen to me rant
-did not appreciate girls in their pajamas
-hung out with annoying scene kids
-did not like music of any kind
-idolized people I think are losers
-thought playing outside was dumb

That is my list.

For the record I am the world's busiest person and suffer from insomnia.
You think I would use this time wisely. Nope, live-journal here I am.
It is late. Can't sleep.
I am somewhat organized and I write out everything I have to do, homework and then color-code is based on homework I have to do that night, homework I can wait until the next night or later, and activities/appts. or other things I have to do that day.
My color for activities/appts./meetings/work/things I want to do that are planned on campus is green and everyday this month is a green day.
Can you feel my pain?
I do.

Mike should come visit me this weekend because that would be the shit. Oh yes kids. The shit.

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03:27pm 03/10/2005
  You want recognition perhaps.
Maybe a life.
Maybe you need some motivation.
It seems to me you have none.
that could be a false judgement though.

title or description
Elwynn and Night Rider

Babies are great babies are funCollapse )

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11:47pm 27/09/2005
  I went through a life altering meeting today.

I want people to comment and really tell me what they think. Seriously even if you don't like me or never comment this is a tough decision so I turned to trusty livejournal for an answer.

Background: I am majoring in Law Enforcement and Justice Admin. with a double minor in Sociology and Computer Science.

I am contemplating double majoring in African American Studies and Law Enforcement Justice Admin. and keeping my two minors of Sociology and Computer Science.

-I get good grades
-It means I will have to be in college another 1-2 years.
-After I start a life I will go back and get my masters in counseling


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I am okay with Luke.   
10:27am 21/09/2005
Which Star Wars Jedi/Sith are you?

Luke Skywalker

You are the last hope for the Jedi order with Yoda and Obi Wan kicking the bucket. There are some tough battles that you have to fight both physically and emotionally, but unlike your father, you have what it takes to win them. The burden is reflected in your expression, which is quite depressing once you start on your long journey. Of course, it could be because before going Jedi-celibate, your only sexual experience came from your sister *shudder*.

Personality Test Results

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Eh. It happens.

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Today is stormy   
03:03pm 19/09/2005
  The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity.

Also, Ha. Morgan I almost did something on your behalf but decided not to because drama is so yesterday. I'll tell you about it someday though.

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11:19pm 15/09/2005
  NOTE! I made a new journal. This is friends only and it is more of my thoughts. Things that pass through my head that I don't want to forget. Topics I like to think about. A discussion of my thoughts for myself. However, if you are interested you may read it.

Add me and if you make it I'll add you back.

New Journal!

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Oh my god. Ha   
07:20pm 14/09/2005

It says they sell tickets and that they are sold out. I will go down to this christian place and fight for tickets!

If I don't see him I will be so mad at the world. Ha.

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Thanks for the time.   
11:01pm 12/09/2005
  I am chair of Public Relations for Wetzel Hall.
Give me a hell yes.

I think about how much I have changed and am changing. The same bullshit I thought about does not plauge me anymore. I am trying to be a better more outgoing person. I am involved in tons of things on campus this year. The only reason I would want to come home is to see my boyfriend. If I even have time to come home ever again with the way I am booked.

I think about a year or so ago. Caught up in the scene. A total bitch.
Now, all I listen to is Simon and Garfunkel, watch movies, volunteer, join things on campus, do my homework.

I was troubled with growing up but now I am embracing it and I wanted to document it.
I want to give everybody I know a clean slate for me to mark on.
I am good with everybody.
A peace maker of the sorts.
I ask you give me a clean slate for you to place judgements on as well.

Tomorrow I have to get things done!
No slacking!
If you know me call me and tell me to get my homework done right after class.
I do not have time to spare for the next 3 weeks or so.
Until after homecoming because then my activities will slow down.

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04:04pm 06/09/2005
  Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
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09:59pm 30/08/2005
  *Bang Bang Dead*  

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Body movin we be body movin   
06:17pm 15/08/2005
  Today is monday.

Wednesday and Thursday are the last days to see me.
Then home sweet home Macomb.

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The grand old yannks   
09:55pm 11/08/2005
  I went to the fair today with my family.

I want to go tomorrow night with somebody and since I have only 2 friends Mike and Phil this is an offer to anybody else to see me and hang out with me and go to the fair with me.

I leave in pretty much 1 week.
Which if people cared about me would be a big deal but instead I will babysit and sit at home.
Growing up is really tough. Growing up is really boring.
Growing up is well worth my childhood.

Oh yeah, I saw Chuck but he didn't see me. He walked dead in front of me.

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